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Varsity Middle School League


Boys & Girls Grades sixth, seventh, & eighth      
Dates/Locations:  To Be Announced

All prospective players must attend all tryouts unless directed otherwise by the coach.

All tryouts well be held from September to early-October at a local Howard County Gymnasium. The exact time and location for all tryouts will be set and  announced BY specific team coaches .   Please check back at this web site in early August for updates.   We also encourage parents/players to email the coach directly at the school you are attending to be included on their emailing list for tryout updates; coaches email addresses are listed on this page.

The HCYP MS Basketball Program is designed for boys and girls in grades 6th – 8th and provides an environment which allows for further development of players in a safe, fun, and competitive league. While HCYP encourage all our teams to play hard and win, the primary focus is to have fun and continue to build on the fundamentals of basketball.

Teams are selected via tryouts that begin in September to early-October.  Most tryouts will be comprised of (1) drills and (2) scrimmaging. If a player is not selected for the MS Program, we encourage you to register for our recreation program as soon as possible to secure a position on one of our rec league teams. Each team will have 10 players on their active roster; and a maximum of 3 players on their reserve roster. The following list are some of fees associated with playing in the MS basketball league:

Team Fees $450 per team

Individual Players Registration Fees $350 per player

Game Officials Fees $25 per game, two officials per game 

Division Structure/Placement

HCYP MS Basketball League will be divided into Varsity/Junior Varsity sub-division, based on current school year grade and level of play. No 8thgraders are not allowed to play in the Junior Varsity sub-division. In addition, we will further subdivide the league into geographic (HWY 29) divisions


West Division  East Division          

Mt. View Middle School     Ellicott Mills Middle School

Glenwood Middle School     Bonnie Branch Middle School

  Folly Quarter Middle School        Oakland Mills Middle School

       Burleigh Manor Middle School   Lake Elkhorn Middle School

       Hammond Middle School    Mayfield Woods Middle School

        Wilde Lake Middle School       Elkridge Landing Middle School

       Clarksville Middle School         Patuxent Valley Middle School

      Dunloggin Middle School          Patapsco Middle School

      Lime Kiln Middle School           Murray Hill Middle School

Season and Schedule

HCYP MS Basketball League play will begin in mid-November and play to mid-March. Team practices will  typically 1-2 nights per week for a total of 3-4 hours on weeknights. Practice times are scheduled between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm (earlier time slots are reserved for the Elementary divisions) at local elementary and middle schools. The scheduled games are as following:


  • Week 1-2, scrimmage games (pre-season games); followed by 8-game regular season schedule played from December to late-February; excluding the winter holiday break. Regular season games will be played on Saturdays at area gymnasium, normal duration of a regulation games is  approximately one (1) hour ; more time will be required to complete games needing overtime.


  • Each team coach has the option to schedule winter break tournaments for their teams. Tournament game sites may be outside of Howard County; and some teams may complete in more than one winter break tournament.


  • HCYP MS League Playoffs - at the completion of the regular season, a post-season double elimination (every team will play a minimum of 2 games) tournament (playoffs) will be played in early March to determine the 2017-18 HCYP MS Basketball League Champion.

Travel and Middle School team players MAY NOT participate simultaneously in the HCYP Recreational Program. 

All HCYP Coaches Must Complete Concussion Training Course Prior to First Practice!

Coach’s procedures for handling suspected concussions

1. Immediately remove the player from the practice or game and ensure that they are continuously monitored until the parent/guardian arrives and takes over care

2. Immediately contact the parent and advise them of the circumstances surrounding the incident and encourage the parent to seek the advice of a health care professional

3. After the conclusion of the practice/game (not longer than 24 hours) send an email to the middle school league commissioner at [email protected]  with the subject line “CONCUSSION”

4. A HCYP League office member will follow up directly with the parents on all reported concussions. Players will not be cleared to participate in subsequent practices or games until follow-up from the league has occurred.

5. Find a health care professional as noted above, in the event an athlete suffers an injury to the head we encourage parents or legal guardians of our participants to consult with their family doctor or otherwise seek proper medical attention. Coaches, parents or other spectators should not pressure an athlete to return to play. If an athlete is known by the coach to have suffered from a concussion, the coach should not allow such athlete to return to play without direction or approval from the athlete’s parent(s) or legal guardian.

6. Prevention The most effective approach to concussions is prevention of these episodes from occurring in the first place. Basketball is a fast and at times highly physical activity, which may lead to risk of head injury.

All HCYP coaches are encouraged to take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of head injuries.

7. Conclusion While it may be impossible to completely eliminate concussions, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk and severity of these injuries. Reducing the risk of concussions requires a continuum of techniques and efforts on the part of all parties involved in athletic activities, and we encourage all participants, parents and coaches to familiarize themselves with these safeguards.

8. Mandatory Online CDC Training Course for HCYP Middle School League Basketball Coaches:

Coaches and assistant coaches must complete the free online course, and send a copy of their completion certificate the middle school league commissioner at [email protected]  prior to their first practice.

HCYP Travel League Teams tryouts will be held in mid-August to early-September. Travel league games will be played on Sundays during the winter basketball season. Interested Travel team coaches  please contact  [email protected] 

All interested MS basketball coaches please contact MS League Commissioner, Robert Worthington, via email at [email protected]  if you have any questions.  

Coaches & Teams 2017-18 Basketball Season


Bonnie Branch Middle School

  • Coach Anthony Fullmore
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • [email protected]
  • Tryouts Location:  Burleigh Manor MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 19th & 26th  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Burleigh Manor Middle School


Clarksville Middle School

  • Coach : Dennis Caulker
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Email: [email protected]  
  • Tryouts Location:  Clarksville MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 20th & 25th 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Dunloggin Middle School


Ellicott Mills Middle School

  • Coach Peter Crocamo
  •  Assistant Coach: TBD
  • [email protected]  
  • Tryouts Location:  Ellicott Mills MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 19th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm &
  • Sept 20th 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Elkridge Landing Middle School

  • Coach Quenton Rodgers
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • [email protected]
  • Tryouts Location:  Mayfield Woods MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 18th & 20th  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Folly Quarter Middle School

  • Coach: Jeff Colvin
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tryouts Location:  Folly Quarter MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 19th & 20th  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Glenwood Middle School


Hammond Middle School

  • Coach: Joe Usher
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  •  [email protected] 
  • Tryouts Location:  Lime Kiln MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 19th & 20th  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Howard United Middle School

  • Coach:TBD
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  •  Email: 
  • Tryouts Location:  Ellicott Mills MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 27th & Oct 2nd  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Lime Klin Middle School

  • Coach:TBD
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  •  Email:
  • Tryouts Location:  TBD


Mount View Middle School

  • Coach: Tom Dyer
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • [email protected]
  • Tryouts Location:  Mount View MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 19th & 26th  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Murray Hill Middle School

  • Coach: Joe Whitaker
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • [email protected]   
  • Tryouts Location:  Clarksville MS
  • Oct 3rd & 5th     6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Oakland Mills Middle School

  • Coach: TBD
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Email   
  • Tryouts Location:  TBD


Patapsco Middle School

  • Coach: TBD
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Email
  • Tryouts Location:  Patapsco MS
  • Dates/Time: Sept 27th & Oct 3rd  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Patuxent Valley Middle School

  • CoachTBD
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  •  Email:
  • Tryouts Location:  
  • Dates/Time:TBD


Wilde Lake Middle School 

  • Coach: Robert Worthington
  • Assistant Coach: Steve Smith
  • [email protected]
  • PracticeLocation: Wilde Lake MS 
  • Mon & Wed  7:30 pm  - 9:00 pm 

For further information about a coaching one Middle School basketball teams, contact the MS League Commissioner at [email protected]

Middle School Basketball Leagues FAQ

1. Are the teams affiliated with the Howard County School System?

No. Most of the teams are affiliated with Howard County Youth Programs (HCYP). Some teams are affiliated with W Howard County Basketball and even other organizations. The idea is to allow more players to play in a travel basketball type of team before entering high school.  Players also get an opportunity to play with their classmates as they would do during high School.

2. How is this different from the Recreational league?
Most MS teams are more like B level travel teams. Players will be chosen through a competitive tryout. The level of play and skill is much higher than the Rec league. Players must make a greater time commitment to the sport. Playing time is not distributed evenly.  Most teams have 2 practices per week and 2 games on the weekend.

3. How are players selected?
Players must participate in a tryout, from which the Varsity and JV teams will be chosen. The Varsity team is open to eighth, seventh and sixth graders. The JV team is open to seventh and sixth graders. Tryouts will occur in late September or early October.

4. Can my son play on this team and another travel team? Can he play on this team and also play in HCYP’s Rec league?
Players may not play in the HCYP Rec league if they play in this league. Team members may play on another travel team at the discretion of the coaches.

5. What is the difference between the varsity and the junior varsity (JV) teams?
Eighth graders must play varsity; they may not play JV. The JV team is for sixth and seventh graders, although sixth and seventh grade players may try out for varsity. 

6. What is the schedule for practice and games?

This may vary depending on your coach, but practice will likely begin in early November. The season will start in December, and will extend into the spring, at least until early March. There will be two practices during the week. Teams will play at least two games per week, usually Friday night and Saturday.

7. Will all players get the same amount of playing time?
No. The league rule is that all players are guaranteed an average 10 minutes per game over the course of the season (meaning it may be more or less in any particular game). Some will play more than others, depending on skill levels, practice habits, and game situations.

8. What is the cost?
Players must register with HCYP, under the MS player registration. There will be an additional cost associated with team uniforms and other fee depending on if the coach has the team play in additional leagues or tournaments.   

9. The HCYP registration deadline for Rec ball is approaching. Should I register my son now for Rec ball through the HCYP web site, in case he doesn’t make the team?
If a player intends to play Rec ball with HCYP if he does not make this team, then he should register for the Rec League before the deadline.  Some MS teams will be selected before the Rec Registration deadline and in that case a player can wait until the MS team is selected and register for the Rec program or the MS team, at that time.   In the case where the MS team has not been selected by the Rec deadline, register for the Rec program before the deadline. 

10.  What is the level of play of the MS teams and leagues?
In General, the MS league is higher level than Rec basketball, but not as high as most travel basketball teams.   Most teams are at the level of a lower level travel basketball team, although depending on the players at the school, and the coach, some MS teams have been very good and competed with any travel team.

11. Referee fees will be 25 dollars per team each game . This fee is for both leagues and all games played.

12.  There will be an 8 game schedule and a playoff for The Friday Night and Saturday League.

13. Teams who have all players registered and wish to have the league fee withdrawn from their team account will need to fill out a paper application and send it to Bj Borden please reference Coaches name, School name and jv or varsity.

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